We're all digital, there are no minimums and you never pay for overage.

We've been digitally printing labels for over a decade.
Our business model starts with a deep understanding of what's most important to our customers.
  • Service - Customer experience, ease of use, and confidence in us delivering on your expectations every time.
  • Scalability - Whether it's 50 labels or 50,000 labels we guarantee the same level of quality and service. Large or small we've got you covered.
  • Efficiency - Our proprietary method of grouping orders virtually eliminates print waste. Say goodbye to that extra 10%.
  • Value - Our unique grouping of your print jobs means we can astound you on price.

Our core goals are never compromised.

These apply to every customer and for every order...period.

  • We’re notorious at getting the job done right the first time. 99% of the time, this works every time; but sometimes thing’s just don’t go as planned. It’s simple, If we make a mistake we’ll make it right.

  • State-of-the-art presses, color consistency standards, and redundant quality checks mean you get stunning labels—every roll, every label, every run.

  • We got here by listening to our customers, and we are still flexible and adaptable. If there’s something we can do to boost your business, we will probably do it.

Printing is complex but we're consistently making it easier.

Grab one of our templates and get started with very little effort.

  • once you find the right size and shape download our template place your artwork inside (be sure to follow the directions in the file) and save your original some place safe.

  • whether you're logged in or not you can use our website to upload your file to our servers. Once our software processes the file follow the steps to either approve online or request a proof directly from the press.

  • ordering online is easy and the best part is if we haven’t sent it to press you can increase the quantity, decrease the quantity or just cancel the order all together. You’re in complete, hassle free control.

That’s pretty much it, we'll take it from here.

Once all of your items are approved for press and you place your order our software
takes over and our skilled press operators spring into action.

  • Our software automatically places like items into efficient print groups. This makes printing on our side much more efficient and is what allows you to get a better overall price.

  • As soon as your files are approved and an order is in the system your labels automatically show up in the pressroom for the operators to grab. Once it’s printed it, moves to finishing and then to rewinding before it is finally staged to ship.

  • Production and shipping are all updated and reported online and in real time on our website. From print to ship you’ll have accurate visibility all the way to your door!

A little more in depth.

Here’s what you’ll want to know before you try us out.

  • No minimum. If you want "Just 1 Label,” we do that.
  • No overage. You order 51 labels, we send 51. Naturally, if your system requires overage, you can order more. We trust you with the math (If we do print extra, because we felt like it, we won’t charge you for them.)
  • No limit on different labels. When ordering different labels, we apply quantity pricing for the total labels in your order, not the totals for each label.
  • No plate fees, no prepress fees.
  • If you want us to create a die we haven’t listed, we can do that. It’s a one time fee of $199.
  • No surprises, no hidden charges, no inflated “shipping and handling” costs. You’ll pay only the carrier’s shipping cost.
  • No long lead times. From the time you approve your uploaded label(s) to the time we ship is approximately 10 business days.
  • No cheap materials. We keep selection simple, focused on materials we’ve know and tested and are already approved by our customers.
  • No point-of-no-return, just because you hit “Submit.” Change, edit, or cancel your order anytime before we send it to the press. We aren’t out any money why should you be.
  • info@Just1Label.com

    contact us here for general inquiries or assistance.

    600 South 56th Street, Suite 20 - Chandler, AZ 85226

    we're here Monday Thursday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and Friday from 8:00AM to 3:00PM and closed weekends


    call here for a real live human being (please leave a message if prompted and we'll call you as soon as possible)

    Quantity WAY more than Just One?

    Yes, we can compete with even our own low prices. Call us.

    Your own label-printing business?

    You don’t need million-dollar equipment to build your own label-printing business. We print, you build. Become a Just 1 Label Partner. Call us.